Subchapter C: Powers and Duties

Sec. 401.051
Adoption of Rules and Guidelines
Sec. 401.052
Rules for Transportation and Routing
Sec. 401.0525
Groundwater Protection Standards
Sec. 401.053
Classification System for Low-Level Radioactive Waste
Sec. 401.054
Notice and Hearing
Sec. 401.055
Sec. 401.056
Emergency Orders
Sec. 401.057
Sec. 401.058
Sec. 401.059
Program Development
Sec. 401.060
Studies, Investigations, Etc
Sec. 401.061
Low-Level Radioactive Waste Studies
Sec. 401.062
Training Programs
Sec. 401.063
General Inspection Authority
Sec. 401.064
Inspection of X-Ray Equipment
Sec. 401.065
Inspection Agreements
Sec. 401.066
Surveillance Plans
Sec. 401.067
Local Government Inspections
Sec. 401.068
Impounding Sources of Radiation
Sec. 401.069
Memorandum of Understanding
Sec. 401.070
Relationship with Other Entities
Sec. 401.071
General Powers of Commission in Relation to Low-Level Radioactive Waste