Subchapter D: Licensing and Registration

Sec. 401.101
License and Registration Requirement
Sec. 401.102
Application to Nuclear Reactor Facilities
Sec. 401.103
Rules and Guidelines for Licensing and Registration
Sec. 401.104
Licensing and Registration Rules
Sec. 401.105
Recognition of Other Licenses
Sec. 401.106
Exemption from Licensing Or Registration Requirements Or from Application of Rule
Sec. 401.107
License Application
Sec. 401.108
Financial Qualifications
Sec. 401.109
Sec. 401.110
Determination on License
Sec. 401.111
Criteria for Certain Unsuitable New Sites
Sec. 401.112
Low-Level Radioactive Waste Processing Or Disposal License Application and Considerations
Sec. 401.113
Environmental Analysis
Sec. 401.114
Notice and Hearing
Sec. 401.115
Licenses from Other Agencies
Sec. 401.116
License Amendment
Sec. 401.117
Construction Limitation
Sec. 401.118
License Form and Content
Sec. 401.119
License Transfer