Sec. 401.108: Financial Qualifications

(a) Before a license is issued or renewed by the commission, the applicant shall demonstrate to the commission that the applicant is financially qualified to conduct the licensed activity, including any required decontamination, decommissioning, reclamation, and disposal, by posting security acceptable to the commission.

(b) A license holder shall submit to the department or commission, as appropriate, at intervals required by department or commission rules or the license, proof that the license holder has updated, as appropriate, the security posted under Subsection (a).

(c) The commission at regular intervals not to exceed five years shall reevaluate the qualifications and security provided by a license holder under Subchapter F or Subchapter G. The reevaluation may coincide with license renewal procedures if renewal and reevaluation occur in the same year.


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Amended by:

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