Subchapter F: Special Provisions Concerning Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal

Sec. 401.2005
Sec. 401.201
Regulation of Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal
Sec. 401.202
Licensing Authority
Sec. 401.204
Acquisition of Property
Sec. 401.205
Responsibilities of Persons Licensed to Dispose of Low-Level Radioactive Waste
Sec. 401.2051
Conveyance of Waste
Sec. 401.206
Resident Inspector
Sec. 401.207
Out-of-State Waste; Nonparty Compact Waste
Sec. 401.208
Study of Capacity
Sec. 401.2085
Review of Financial Assurance
Sec. 401.209
Acquisition and Operation of Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Sites
Sec. 401.210
Transfer Costs of Property
Sec. 401.211
Sec. 401.212
Monitoring, Maintenance, and Emergency Measures
Sec. 401.213
Interstate Compacts
Sec. 401.214
Regional Disposal Facility Under Compact
Sec. 401.215
Acceptance of Low-Level Radioactive Waste
Sec. 401.216
Federal Facility Waste Disposal
Sec. 401.217
Location of Disposal Facility Site
Sec. 401.218
Disposal of Certain Waste
Sec. 401.219
Techniques for Managing Low-Level Radioactive Waste
Sec. 401.220
Design of Facility
Sec. 401.221
Mixed Waste
Sec. 401.222
Term of License
Sec. 401.223
Health Surveillance Survey
Sec. 401.224
Packaging of Radioactive Waste
Sec. 401.225
Shipment of Low-Level Radioactive Waste
Sec. 401.226
Improperly Processed Or Packaged Low-Level Radioactive Waste
Sec. 401.227
Selection of Application for Compact Waste Disposal Facility License
Sec. 401.228
Notice to Receive Applications
Sec. 401.229
Application Processing Fee
Sec. 401.230
Receipt of Applications
Sec. 401.231
Administratively Complete Application
Sec. 401.232
Evaluation of Applications; Commission Selection
Sec. 401.233
Tier 1 Criteria
Sec. 401.234
Tier 2 Criteria
Sec. 401.235
Tier 3 Criteria
Sec. 401.236
Tier 4 Criteria
Sec. 401.237
Technical Review
Sec. 401.238
Notice of Draft License and Opportunity for Hearing
Sec. 401.239
Contested Case; Final Action on Application
Sec. 401.240
Judicial Review
Sec. 401.241
Sec. 401.242
Acceptance of Waste
Sec. 401.243
Compliance History
Sec. 401.244
Host County Public Projects
Sec. 401.2445
State Fee
Sec. 401.245
Party State Compact Waste Disposal Fees
Sec. 401.2455
Interim Party State Compact Waste Disposal Fees
Sec. 401.2456
Contracts for Nonparty Compact Waste Disposal
Sec. 401.246
Waste Disposal Fee Criteria
Sec. 401.247
Reasonable and Necessary Expenses
Sec. 401.248
Limitations on Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal
Sec. 401.249
Low-Level Radioactive Waste Fund
Sec. 401.250
Payments By Party States
Sec. 401.251
Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Compact Commission Account