Subchapter G: Special Provisions Concerning By-Product Material

Sec. 401.261
Subchapter Application
Sec. 401.262
Management of Certain By-Product Material
Sec. 401.2625
Licensing Authority
Sec. 401.263
Application; Environmental Analysis
Sec. 401.264
Notice and Hearing
Sec. 401.265
Conditions of Certain By-Product Material Licenses
Sec. 401.266
Transfer of Land Required
Sec. 401.267
Acquisition and Sale of Certain By-Product Materials and Sites
Sec. 401.268
Sec. 401.269
Monitoring, Maintenance, and Emergency Measures
Sec. 401.270
Corrective Action and Measures
Sec. 401.271
State Fee on Radioactive Substances
Sec. 401.272
Audit Authority