Subchapter M: Laser Hair Removal

Sec. 401.501
Sec. 401.5011
General Powers and Duties
Sec. 401.502
Sec. 401.503
Application Process
Sec. 401.504
Certificate for Individuals Required
Sec. 401.505
Certified Laser Hair Removal Professional
Sec. 401.506
Senior Laser Hair Removal Technician
Sec. 401.507
Laser Hair Removal Technician
Sec. 401.508
Laser Hair Removal Apprentice-in-Training
Sec. 401.509
Continuing Education
Sec. 401.510
Facility License Required
Sec. 401.512
Term of Certificate Or License
Sec. 401.513
Display of License Or Certificate
Sec. 401.514
Laser Or Pulsed Light Device
Sec. 401.515
Customer Notice; Liability
Sec. 401.516
Warning Signs
Sec. 401.517
Operational Requirements
Sec. 401.518
Sec. 401.519
Consulting Physician
Sec. 401.520
Disclosure of Record Prohibited; Exception
Sec. 401.521
Prohibited Practice
Sec. 401.522
Amount of Administrative Penalty