Chapter 432: Food, Drug, Device, and Cosmetic Salvage Act

Sec. 432.001
Short Title
Sec. 432.002
Sec. 432.003
Sec. 432.004
Sec. 432.005
License Required
Sec. 432.006
License Application
Sec. 432.007
Issuance of License
Sec. 432.008
License Renewal
Sec. 432.009
Sec. 432.0095
Processing of Food Salvage Establishment Licensing Fees
Sec. 432.010
Deposit of Fees
Sec. 432.011
Minimum Standards
Sec. 432.012
Powers of Department
Sec. 432.013
Denial, Suspension, Or Revocation of License
Sec. 432.014
Reinstatement of License
Sec. 432.015
Effect of Operation in Other Jurisdiction; Reports
Sec. 432.016
Municipal Regulation
Sec. 432.017
Use of Salvage Warehouse
Sec. 432.018
Civil Penalty; Injunction
Sec. 432.019
Criminal Penalty
Sec. 432.020
Emergency Order
Sec. 432.021
Administrative Penalty
Sec. 432.022
Administrative Penalty Assessment Procedure
Sec. 432.023
Payment of Administrative Penalty
Sec. 432.024
Refund of Administrative Penalty
Sec. 432.025
Recovery of Administrative Penalty By Attorney General
Sec. 432.026
Detained Or Embargoed Article