Subchapter A: General Provisions

Sec. 462.001
Sec. 462.002
Filing Requirements
Sec. 462.0025
Court Hours
Sec. 462.003
Inspection of Court Records
Sec. 462.004
Representation of State
Sec. 462.005
Sec. 462.006
Writ of Habeas Corpus
Sec. 462.007
Limitation of Liability
Sec. 462.008
Criminal Penalty; Enforcement
Sec. 462.009
Consent to Treatment
Sec. 462.010
Consent to Treatment at Certain Facilities
Sec. 462.011
Consent to Medication
Sec. 462.012
Right to Refuse Medication
Sec. 462.013
Medication Information
Sec. 462.014
List of Medications