Subchapter D: Court-Ordered Treatment

Sec. 462.061
Court-Ordered Treatment; Jurisdiction
Sec. 462.062
Application for Court-Ordered Treatment
Sec. 462.063
Prehearing Procedure
Sec. 462.064
Certificate of Medical Examination for Chemical Dependency
Sec. 462.065
Order of Protective Custody
Sec. 462.066
Probable Cause Hearing and Detention
Sec. 462.067
Hearing on Application for Court-Ordered Treatment
Sec. 462.068
Release After Hearing
Sec. 462.069
Court Order and Place of Treatment
Sec. 462.070
Motion for Modification of Order for Outpatient Treatment
Sec. 462.071
Order for Temporary Detention
Sec. 462.072
Modification of Order for Outpatient Services
Sec. 462.073
Modification of Order for Inpatient Treatment
Sec. 462.0731
Outpatient Care in Certain Counties
Sec. 462.074
Hospitalization Outside Treatment Facility
Sec. 462.075
Renewal of Order for Court-Ordered Treatment
Sec. 462.076
Sec. 462.077
Pass Or Furlough from Inpatient Care
Sec. 462.078
Return to Facility Under Facility Administrator's Certificate Or Court Order
Sec. 462.079
Revocation of Furlough
Sec. 462.080
Release from Court-Ordered Treatment
Sec. 462.081
Commitment By Courts in Criminal Proceedings; Alternative Sentencing