Subchapter A: Regulation of Chemical Dependency Treatment Facilities

Sec. 464.001
Sec. 464.002
License Required
Sec. 464.003
Sec. 464.004
License Application and Issuance
Sec. 464.005
License Renewal
Sec. 464.0055
Accreditation Review to Satisfy Inspection Requirements
Sec. 464.006
Sec. 464.007
Application and Inspection Fees
Sec. 464.008
Applicability of Other Law to Application and Inspection Fees
Sec. 464.009
Rules and Standards
Sec. 464.0095
Restraint and Seclusion
Sec. 464.010
Reports of Abuse Or Neglect
Sec. 464.011
Disclosure of Department Records
Sec. 464.012
Hiv Infection Education, Testing, and Counseling
Sec. 464.014
Denial, Revocation, Suspension, Or Nonrenewal of License
Sec. 464.0145
Disciplinary Action Hearing
Sec. 464.015
Sec. 464.016
Criminal Penalty
Sec. 464.017
Civil Penalty
Sec. 464.018
Notice of Suit
Sec. 464.019
Administrative Penalty
Sec. 464.0195
Recovery of Costs
Sec. 464.020
Additional Requirements for Disciplinary Alternative Education Treatment Programs