Chapter 502: Hazard Communication Act

Sec. 502.001
Short Title
Sec. 502.002
Findings; Purpose
Sec. 502.0021
Federal Laws and Regulations
Sec. 502.003
Sec. 502.004
Applicability of Chapter
Sec. 502.005
Workplace Chemical List
Sec. 502.006
Safety Data Sheet
Sec. 502.007
Sec. 502.008
Outreach Program
Sec. 502.009
Employee Education Program
Sec. 502.010
Liability Under Other Law
Sec. 502.011
Complaints and Investigations
Sec. 502.012
Reporting Fatalities and Injuries
Sec. 502.014
Administrative Penalty
Sec. 502.0141
Administrative Penalty Assessment Procedure
Sec. 502.0142
Payment of Administrative Penalty; Judicial Review
Sec. 502.015
Civil Penalty; Injunction
Sec. 502.016
Criminal Penalty
Sec. 502.017
Employee Notice; Rights of Employees
Sec. 502.018
Standard for Physician Treatment
Sec. 502.019
Sec. 502.020
Workplace Safety for Inmates