Subchapter E: Dangerous Wild Animals

Sec. 822.101
Sec. 822.102
Applicability of Subchapter
Sec. 822.103
Certificate of Registration; Fees
Sec. 822.104
Certificate of Registration Application
Sec. 822.105
Denial Or Revocation of Certificate of Registration; Appeal
Sec. 822.106
Display of Certificate of Registration
Sec. 822.107
Liability Insurance
Sec. 822.108
Sec. 822.109
Relocation Or Disposition of Animal
Sec. 822.110
Attack By Animal; Escape of Animal; Liability
Sec. 822.111
Powers and Duties of Executive Commissioner; Caging Requirements and Standards
Sec. 822.112
Care, Treatment, and Transportation of Animal
Sec. 822.113
Offense and Penalty
Sec. 822.114
Civil Penalty
Sec. 822.115
Sec. 822.116
Effect of Subchapter on Other Law