Chapter 828: Dog and Cat Sterilization

Sec. 828.001
Sec. 828.002
Requirements for Adoption
Sec. 828.003
Sterilization Agreement
Sec. 828.0035
State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners
Sec. 828.004
Sterilization Required
Sec. 828.0045
Nonsurgical Sterilization
Sec. 828.005
Confirmation of Sterilization
Sec. 828.006
Letter Concerning Animal's Death
Sec. 828.007
Letter Concerning Lost Or Stolen Animal
Sec. 828.008
Notice of Failure to Receive Letter
Sec. 828.009
Sec. 828.010
Criminal Penalty
Sec. 828.011
Adoption Standards
Sec. 828.012
Surgery and Other Veterinary Services
Sec. 828.013
Sec. 828.014
Animal Friendly Account; Dedication