Subchapter H: Miscellaneous Provisions

Sec. 841.141
Rulemaking Authority
Sec. 841.142
Release Or Exchange of Information
Sec. 841.143
Report, Record, Or Statement Submitted to Court
Sec. 841.144
Sec. 841.145
Sec. 841.146
Civil Commitment Proceeding; Procedure and Costs
Sec. 841.1461
Certain Expert Testimony Not Required for Civil Commitment of Sexually Violent Predator
Sec. 841.1462
Privilege for Personal Information That Identifies Victim
Sec. 841.1463
Failure to Give Notice Within Relevant Period Not Jurisdictional Error
Sec. 841.147
Sec. 841.150
Effect of Subsequent Detention, Confinement, Or Commitment on Order of Civil Commitment
Sec. 841.151
Notice of Release of Sexually Violent Predator
Sec. 841.152
Certain Hearings By Closed-Circuit Video Teleconferencing Permitted
Sec. 841.153
State-Issued Identification; Necessary Documentation