Subchapter D: Voluntary Disclosure; Immunity

Sec. 1101.151
Immunity for Violation Voluntarily Disclosed
Sec. 1101.152
Nature of Voluntary Disclosure
Sec. 1101.153
Burden of Proof with Respect to Voluntary Disclosure
Sec. 1101.154
Notice Requirement
Sec. 1101.155
Notice Requirement for Certain Audits Begun Before Acquisition Closing Date
Sec. 1101.156
Identification of Violation in Compliance History Report
Sec. 1101.157
Exception to Immunity: Certain Violations and Offenses; Imposition of Penalty; Mitigating Factors
Sec. 1101.158
Exception to Immunity: Violations That Constitute Pattern of Disregard of Environmental Or Health and Safety Laws