Subchapter B: Texas Tuberculosis Code

Sec. 13.031
Short Title
Sec. 13.032
Sec. 13.033
Sec. 13.034
Duties of Executive Commissioner and Department
Sec. 13.035
Employment of Hospital Administrators
Sec. 13.036
Patient Admission; Examination Certificate
Sec. 13.037
Determination of Residency
Sec. 13.038
Classification of Patients; Lien
Sec. 13.039
Collection of State's Claim
Sec. 13.040
Effect of Indigent Health Care and Treatment Act
Sec. 13.041
Return of Certain Nonresidents; Reciprocal Agreements
Sec. 13.042
Discrimination Prohibited
Sec. 13.043
Gratuities Prohibited
Sec. 13.044
Private Accommodations
Sec. 13.045
Donation of Land By County
Sec. 13.046
Admission of Nonresident Patients