Chapter 22: Grant and Scholarship Programs

Subchapter B
Provisions for the Tuition Equalization Grant Program
Subchapter D
Provisions for the Texas Public Educational Grant Programs
Subchapter E
Texas New Horizons Scholarship Program
Subchapter F
Provisions for the Scholarship Programs for Vocational Nursing Students
Subchapter G
Provisions for the Scholarship Programs for Professional Nursing Students
Subchapter H
Provisions for the License Plate Insignia Scholarship Program
Subchapter I
Provisions for the Fifth-Year Accounting Student Scholarship Program
Subchapter J
Texas Career Opportunity Grant Program
Subchapter K
Provisions for Scholarships for Students Graduating in the Top 10 Percent of Their High School Class
Subchapter L
Toward Excellence, Access, and Success (TEXAS) Grant Program
Subchapter M
Texas Educational Opportunity Grant Program
Subchapter N
Individual Development Account Information Program
Subchapter O
Exemption Program for Children of Professional Nursing Program Faculty and Staff
Subchapter P
Exemption Program for Clinical Preceptors and Their Children
Subchapter Q
Engineering Scholarship Program
Subchapter R
Provisions Regarding Scholarships to Relatives of Board Members of Institutions of Higher Education and University Systems
Subchapter S
Professional Nursing Shortage Reduction Program
Subchapter T
Exemption for Firefighters Enrolled in Fire Science Courses