Subchapter B: State Adoption of Instructional Materials

Review and Adoption Cycles
Midcycle Review and Adoption
Review and Renewal of Contracts
Proclamation, Public Notice, and Schedule for Adopting Instructional Materials
Adoption by Reference
State Review Panels: Eligibility
State Review Panels: Appointment
State Review Panels: Duties and Conduct
State Review Panels: Expenses
State Review Panels: Orientation
State Review Panels: No-Contact Periods
Statement of Intent to Bid Instructional Materials
Instructional Materials Purchased by the State
Regional Education Service Centers: Procedures for Handling Samples; Public Access to Samples
Public Comment on Instructional Materials
Report of the Commissioner of Education
Consideration and Adoption of Instructional Materials by the State Board of Education
Adoption of Open-Source Instructional Materials
Ancillary Materials
Preparing and Completing Contracts
Contracts for Printing of Open-Source Textbooks
Delivery of Adopted Instructional Materials