Subchapter B: Dispute Resolution

Scope and Purpose
Appointment of Adr Coordinator
Deadlines for Filing a Petition for Contested Case Status
Mandatory Contents of a Petition for Contested Case Status
Service of a Petition for Contested Case Status
Agency Determination Regarding Contested Case Status
Referral to Adr Coordinator
General Principles of Alternative Dispute Resolution
Selection of a Neutral Third Party
Developing Mediators within the Agency
Negotiated Settlements Must be in Writing
Partial Settlements through Adr
Agency Management of Contract Disputes
Board Counterclaims
Request for Voluntary Disclosure of Additional Information
Duty to Negotiate
Negotiation Timetable
Conduct of Negotiations
Settlement Agreement
Request for Contested Case Hearing
State Office of Administrative Hearings
Classification of Parties
Notice of Hearing
Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law
Exceptions to Proposal for Decision
Board Meeting to Consider Proposal for Decision
Motion for Rehearing