§201.21: Designees

(a) Each member of the committee may name a designee to represent that member in any hearing to take public testimony with regard to a proposed rule.

(b) At any hearing at which public testimony with regard to any proposed rule is given, a quorum of committee members or their designees is not required.

(c) The committee members or their designees may call upon any interested person to present testimony.

(d) The designees shall have authority to receive testimony and examine interested persons.

(e) Any hearing may be recessed from day to day.

(f) If a designee is unable to continue presiding over any hearing at any time before the end of the hearing, another designee may be appointed who will perform any function remaining to be performed without the necessity of repeating any previous proceedings.

(g) At the conclusion of the hearings the designees shall prepare a summary of the testimony received and submit it to the committee.


Source Note: The provisions of this §201.21 adopted to be effective January 25, 1991, 16 TexReg 172.