§229.9: Fees for Educator Preparation Program Approval and Accountability

An educator preparation program requesting approval and continuation of accreditation status shall pay the applicable fee from the following list.

(1) New educator preparation program application (nonrefundable; includes pre-approval visit)--$1,000.

(2) New educator preparation program approval (includes post-approval visit)--$1,000.

(3) Ten-year reapplication for an educator preparation program approved after August 31, 2008 (includes approval visit)--$2,000.

(4) Five-year continuing approval visit pursuant to §228.10(c) of this title (relating to Approval Process)--$1,500.

(5) Monitoring or technical assistance visit--$1,500.

(6) Addition of new certification field or addition of clinical teaching--$500.

(7) Addition of each new class of certificate--$1,000.


Source Note: The provisions of this §229.9 adopted to be effective April 18, 2010, 35 TexReg 2849