Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure

Section One : General Provisions
Rule 1
Scope of Rule; Local Rules of Courts of Appeals
Rule 2
Suspension of Rule
Rule 3
Definitions; Uniform Terminology
Rule 4
Time and Notice Provisions Case Civil Case Publication
Rule 5
Fees in Civil Cases
Rule 6
Representation by Counsel
Rule 7
Substituting Parties
Rule 8
Bankruptcy in Civil Cases
Rule 9
Documents Generally
Rule 10
Motions in the Appellate Courts
Rule 11
Amicus Curiae Briefs
Rule 12
Duties of Appellate Clerk
Rule 13
Court Reporters and Court Recorders
Rule 14
Recording and Broadcasting Court Proceedings
Rule 15
Issuance of Writ or Process by Appellate Court
Rule 16
Disqualification or Recusal of Appellate Judges
Rule 17
Court of Appeals Unable to Take Immediate Action
Rule 18
Rule 19
Plenary Power of the Courts of Appeals and Expiration of Term
Rule 20
When Party is Indigent Reference
Section Two : Appeals from Trial Court Judgments and Orders
Rule 21
New Trials in Criminal Cases
Rule 22
Arrest of Judgment in Criminal Cases
Rule 23
Nunc Pro Tunc Proceedings in Criminal Cases
Rule 24
Suspension of Enforcement of Judgment Pending Appeal in Civil Cases
Rule 25
Perfecting Appeal
Rule 26
Time to Perfect Appeal
Rule 27
Premature Filings
Rule 28
Accelerated, Agreed, and Permissive Appeals in Civil Cases
Rule 29
Orders Pending Interlocutory Appeal in Civil Cases
Rule 30
Restricted Appeals to Court of Appeals in Civil Cases
Rule 31
Appeals in Habeas Corpus, Bail, and Extradition Proceedings in Criminal Cases
Rule 32
Docketing Statement
Rule 33
Preservation of Appellate Complaints
Rule 34
Appellate Record
Rule 35
Time to File Record; Responsibility for Filing Record
Rule 36
Agency Record in Administrative Appeals
Rule 37
Duties of the Appellate Clerk on Receiving the Notice of Appeal and Record
Rule 38
Requisites of Briefs
Rule 39
Oral Argument; Decision Without Argument
Rule 40
Order of Decision Reference
Rule 41
Panel and En Banc Decision
Rule 42
Rule 43
Judgment of the Court of Appeals
Rule 44
Reversible Error
Rule 45
Damages for Frivolous Appeals in Civil Cases
Rule 46
Remittitur in Civil Cases
Rule 47
Opinions, Publication, and Citation
Rule 48
Copy of Opinion and Judgment to Interested Parties and Other Courts
Rule 49
Motion for Rehearing and En Banc Reconsideration
Rule 50
Abolished by Order of July 12, 2011, eff. September 1, 2011
Rule 51
Enforcement of Judgments after Mandate
Section Three : Original Proceedings in the Supreme Court and the Courts of Appeals
Rule 52
Original Proceedings
Section Four : Proceedings in the Supreme Court
Rule 53
Petition for Review
Rule 54
Filing the Record
Rule 55
Brief on the Merits
Rule 56
Order on Petition for Review
Rule 57
Direct Appeals to the Supreme Court
Rule 58
Certification of Questions of Law by United State Courts
Rule 59
Submission and Argument