Texas Government Code (selections): Degrees of Relationship

Chapter 22 : Appellate Courts
Subchapter A
Supreme Court
Subchapter B
Court of Criminal Appeals
Subchapter C
Courts of Appeals
Subchapter D
General Provisions
Chapter 36 : Judicial Reports
Sec. 36.001
Sec. 36.002
Applicability; Conflict of Law
Sec. 36.003
Sec. 36.004
Report on Appointments
Sec. 36.005
Failure to Report
Sec. 36.006
Texas Judicial Council Rules
Chapter 37 : Appointment of Attorneys Ad Litem, Guardians Ad Litem, Mediators, and Guardians
Sec. 37.001
Applicability; Conflict of Law
Sec. 37.002
Sec. 37.003
Lists of Attorneys Ad Litem, Guardians Ad Litem, Mediators, and Guardians
Sec. 37.004
Appointment of Attorneys Ad Litem, Guardians Ad Litem, Mediators, and Guardians; Maintenance of Lists
Sec. 37.005
Posting of Lists
Chapter 531 : Health and Human Services Commission
Chapter 57 : Court Interpreters
Sec. 57.002
Appointment of Interpreter Or Cart Provider; Cart Provider List
Subchapter a
General Provisions; Organization of Commission
Subchapter B
Powers and Duties
Subchapter C
Medicaid and Other Health and Human Services Fraud, Abuse, Or Overcharges
Subchapter D
Guardianship Advisory Board
Subchapter D-1
Permanency Planning
Subchapter E
Health and Human Services Legislative Oversight
Subchapter F
Texas Integrated Enrollment Services
Subchapter G-1
Developing Local Mental Health Systems of Care for Certain Children
Subchapter H
Office of Early Childhood Coordination
Subchapter I
State Prescription Drug Program
Subchapter J
Provision of Information About Patient Assistance Programs
Subchapter J-1
Assistance Program for Domestic Victims of Trafficking
Subchapter K
Health and Human Services Council
Subchapter L
Provision of Services for Certain Children with Multiagency Needs
Subchapter N
Texas Health Opportunity Pool Trust Fund
Subchapter O
Uncompensated Hospital Care
Subchapter Q
Nurse-Family Partnership Competitive Grant Program
Subchapter R
Advisory Committee on Qualifications for HEALTH CARE TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS
Subchapter S
Community-Based Navigator Program
Subchapter T
Council on Children and Families
Subchapter U
Mortality Review for Certain Individuals with Intellectual Or Developmental Disabilities
Subchapter V
Health Information Exchange Systems
Subchapter W
Task Force to Address the Relationship Between Domestic Violence and Child Abuse and Neglect
Subchapter W
Adverse Licensing, Listing, Or Registration Decisions
Subchapter X
Texas Home Visiting Program
Subchapter Y
Ombudsman for Children and Youth in Foster Care
Chapter 573 : Degrees of Relationship; Nepotism Prohibitions
Subchapter a
General Provisions
Subchapter B
Relationships By Consanguinity Or By Affinity
Subchapter C
Nepotism Prohibitions
Subchapter D
Subchapter E