Texas Health and Safety Code

Title 1 : General Provisions
Chapter 1
General Provisions
Title 2 : Health
Subtitle a
Texas Department of Health
Subtitle B
Health Programs
Subtitle C
Programs Providing Health Care Benefits and Services
Subtitle D
Prevention, Control, and Reports of Diseases
Subtitle E
Health Care Councils and Resource Centers
Subtitle F
Local Regulation of Public Health
Subtitle G
Subtitle H
Public Health Provisions
Subtitle I
Medical Records
Title 3 : Vital Statistics
Chapter 191
Administration of Vital Statistics Records
Chapter 192
Birth Records
Chapter 193
Death Records
Chapter 194
Marriage and Divorce Records
Chapter 195
Enforcement of Vital Statistics Reporting
Title 4 : Health Facilities
Subtitle a
Financing, Constructing, Regulating, and Inspecting HEALTH FACILITIES
Subtitle B
Licensing of Health Facilities
Subtitle C
Local Hospitals
Subtitle D
Hospital Districts
Subtitle E
Cooperative Associations
Subtitle F
Powers and Duties of Hospitals
Subtitle G
Provision of Services in Certain Facilities
Title 5 : Sanitation and Environmental Quality
Subtitle a
Subtitle B
Solid Waste, Toxic Chemicals, Sewage, Litter, and Water
Subtitle C
Air Quality
Subtitle D
Nuclear and Radioactive Materials
Subtitle F
Light Pollution
Subtitle G
Environmental Health
Title 6 : Food, Drugs, Alcohol, and Hazardous Substances
Subtitle a
Food and Drug Health Regulations
Subtitle B
Alcohol and Substance Abuse Programs
Subtitle C
Substance Abuse Regulation and Crimes
Subtitle D
Hazardous Substances
Title 7 : Mental Health and Mental Retardation
Subtitle a
Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation
Subtitle B
State Facilities
Subtitle C
Texas Mental Health Code
Subtitle D
Persons with Mental Retardation Act
Subtitle E
Special Provisions Relating to Mental Illness and Mental Retardation
Title 8 : Death and Disposition of the Body
Subtitle a
Subtitle B
Disposition of the Body
Subtitle C
Cemeteries and Crematories
Title 9 : Safety
Subtitle a
Public Safety
Subtitle B
Subtitle C
Title 10 : Health and Safety of Animals
Chapter 821
Treatment and Disposition of Animals
Chapter 822
Regulation of Animals
Chapter 823
Animal Shelters
Chapter 825
Predatory Animals and Animal Pests
Chapter 826
Chapter 828
Dog and Cat Sterilization
Chapter 829
Animal Control Officer Training
Title 11 : Civil Commitment of Sexually Violent Predators
Chapter 841
Civil Commitment of Sexually Violent Predators
Title 12 : Health and Mental Health
Chapter 1001
Department of State Health Services
Chapter 1002
Texas Institute of Health Care Quality and Efficiency
Chapter 1003
Autologous Stem Cell Bank for Recipients of Blood and Tissue Components Who Are the Live Human Donors of the Adult Stem Cells